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Before MP3 files were used, mobile phone ringtone websites were everywhere. Some charge $5 per tone and spend a lot of time configuring and using it. Now, by importing and activating downloadable ringtones, life becomes easier. If you want to download free ringtones for your smartphone, you can find some places here.

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I don’t know you, but about a month later, I am bored with the ringtones. No matter how good the tune is, I soon get tired of it and want another one. I tend to do it myself, but if I am looking for inspiration, then these sites are where I want to go.


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  • Zedge
  • Mobile 9
  • Mobile entertainment
  • Melovania
  • Cellsea
  • MyTinyPhone
  • Audico

Zedge must be the largest ringtone website or one of the largest ringtone websites on the Internet. In addition to ringtones, the site also provides wallpapers and applications. The tones should be usable on most mobile phones because they are MP3. Any mobile phone that can cope with these problems can use the website. You can choose to download, use a QR code or send the alert tone to you via email. Most people are also free.

Mobile 9

Mobile9 is another popular website with thousands of downloads. It is not as easy to use as Zedge because you have to type in your phone to get anywhere. The phone booth is not completely smart either. Put it into the S7 of the Galaxy S7, it found nothing. When you type in the Galaxy S7, it will find more than 20 smart phones. I think the site is located in India because the most popular ringtone is Bollywood. Nevertheless, there are still many popular ringtones, high-quality wallpapers and applications. Most of the downloads are free and will be downloaded to your computer, phone or via QR code or email.

Mobile entertainment

Fun For Mobile has been launched as early as the 90s, but it can provide a variety of free ringtones for your smartphone. I haven’t seen any modern music here in a while, but if you are nostalgic, there are hundreds of old music. There are also wallpapers, games and apps on the website. All are free and can be downloaded. Although it seems to be only 8 bits, Fun For Mobile is a good website that offers a variety of ringtones.


Melofania may be a strange name for the website, but it is one of the best websites currently. If you don’t have MP3 software on your phone or computer, it can provide ready-made music, you can download it to your smartphone, or you can use a pure ringtone creator. This list is newer and more western than some other sites, so it is more likely to find something you like. The website is attractive and also has a good search function.


Cellsea is another excellent ringtone website with more modern music. There are many types of ringtones from different genres and cultures. Everything is good quality, MP3 and free. The website itself is also very simple. Popular apps, wallpapers and ringtones are located on the homepage. Select “Browse” at the top to find the ringtone, and then you can listen to and download it as needed.


MyTinyPhone is very simple and well laid out. Everything is in front, no phone selected, multiple clicks or any one time. Find your ringtone, test it, and download it. Everything here is its. Not all tones are safe to work, but most tones are good. Like other sites here, there are wallpapers, games and apps, most of which are free. is a good website for mobile ringtones, providing a variety of free ringtones that can be downloaded to your smartphone. The choice is not the most extensive, but the availability is high, so I got my vote. Find music, preview, download. Everything here is its. There are also wallpapers and simple applications that allow you to create ringtones from existing music.

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Audiko is another site that does not seem to be much but has usability and quantity. There are hundreds of ringtones and wallpapers on this site. Although they may not look the best, they are very simple to use. Preview the tones from the list and click download. Most (if not all) are free and are in MP3 format like the other files here.

To be honest, finding a high-quality website to download free ringtones for your smartphone is more difficult than I thought. Many of my regular customers have now left, and many of the remaining people are Asians, Indians or people of very low quality. I found that the content in this list is acceptable, there are no pop-ups, ads or any harmful content.

Did you know that other high-quality websites can download free ringtones for your smartphone? If you wish, please let us know below!

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